One magnolia
Landed upon another
In dew-wet grass.
A flower blossom
Trembling in the sun
From weight of bees.

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       Olga Dmitrieva is a classically trained and experienced artist. Olga works in the best traditions of Russian realism in Fine Arts. In addition to participating in numerous exhibitions both in her own right and as part of an ensemble, her water-colours, oil paintings, drawings and pastels are valued by private collectors and museums. 



 1986-1995  Studied art in the Art Studio of the Hermitage.

Graduated from Academic Art Lycee of Arts at the Russian Academy

of Fine Arts.


Graduated from Repin State Academic Institute at the Russian Academy

of Fine Arts

since 2003

Illustrator to exclusive Publishing houses "Rosmen", "Pan Press",

"Strecoza", "AST", "Drofa", "Azbuka" in Moscow and St.-Petersburg

since 2006 A member of the Union of Artists of Russia.


      Olga Dmitrieva was born in Saint-Petersburg (Russia) in 1981.

      When Olga picked up her first pencil her parents noticed her liking for drawing and at 5 years old she commenced her studies in the children's fine art studio of the Hermitage.


 For 8 years  the young artist absorbed herself in Fine Art, the creative atmosphere and studied history of Fine Arts which increased her further development and creativity. During annual exhibitions and in costume performance where the little creators relived the lives of the great masters and their masterpieces, the children embarked on their creative lives.


     Further professional education continued at the famous Art Lycée and Repin State Academic Institute at the Russian Academy of Fine Arts, where Olga graduated  successfully in 2006. She was then invited to be a member of the elite Union of Artists of Russia.


     Since her time as a student, landscapes and still-lives have a huge place in Olga's creativity. As an artist she travelled widely and always carried with her, paper and a box of water colour paints. The water colour is Olga’s favourite technique, being so transparent, clear, gentle, and bright and always reproducing different moods and ambiences.


      However Olga is more well-known as an illustrator. Her career in this genre began in 2003 when she won the prestigious competition ”Gold Mahaon" for young illustrators in the category "Design of book covers". Since that time more than 15 books with her illustrations have been published in exclusive Moscow and St.-Petersburg publishing houses. Olga’s illustrations range from modern to classical books. However, a special world opens when Olga works with children’s literature, animals, birds, flowers, all of which come to life under Olga’s brush.


Bright creative individuality and great workmanship undoubtedly single out Olga as the professional artist whose work has already attracted many admirers.

At present Olga with her husband share their time between Russia and UAE.